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Urban Safety and Survival Course

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The threats our families and communities face today can be terrifying. Economic collapse, natural disasters, power grid failure and more are things that we must be prepared for. The term Urban Survival means having the skills, tactics, and ability to survive a widespread prolonged situations in an urban environment. This means surviving without aid from the government or the local infrastructure while remaining in a densely populated urban environment.

If a disaster occurs, threats will come from desperate, dangerous people - all fighting over the same limited resources such as water, food, and shelter.

Urban Survival training increases your chances of surviving during, and after, a disaster and subsequent survival situation.

Therefore, Urban Survival has its own unique preparation, skill sets, and required common-sense knowledge base.

"There are no guarantees in life, after any major disaster two separate and distinct groups will emerge – the
Prepared and the Unprepared. It’s up to you which group you’ll belong to.” ~Richard Duarte

Our Urban Safety and Survival Concept Course, in-keeping with our philosophy of real skills for real situations, seeks to deliver sensible and appropriate survival training for unexpected eventualities in the urban environment.

How do we cope with power cuts and other denied services such as water and gas; the option of heading for the hills, as lovely as it sounds, isn't always an option and wilderness survival presents its own challenges.

This course is focused on sensible preparations, precautions and actions in the event of denial or removal of services, Natural disaster and environmental issues are also covered. Sensible but simple precautions and preparations, coupled with some
knowledge and skills based on the real life experience of the experts, could make all the difference for you and your family.

Be prepared and be safe! Presented by former military and law enforcement officers who have worked in real life emergencies and disaster relief around the world, the course provides in-depth information and practical skills training which goes beyond the simple advice provided by media and official websites, allowing you to understand the official advice, but preparing you and equipping you to cope for yourselves, in both the short term (until the situation returns to normal or you escape from it) or even in the long term.

For a customized offer ( e.g: larger groups, corporations, custom dates) please contact before purchasing the course to ensure availability.

Disclaimer: This is an "in-class" course, and there is no online content provided upon purchase of the course.  After confirmation of payment you will be notified about the date, time and place where the course will take place.

Please note that we have a waiting list to make sure all of our courses are running with the optimal number of participants, to ensure our students have a good understanding of the principals as well as the practical tools needed to increase their chances of survival.