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Modern Combative Tactics Course

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Modern Combative Tactics

Life’s violent realities today such as home invasion; sexual violence; workplace, school and street violence; vacation danger; kidnapping; active shooter; wolf pack attacks and terrorism, demands combat proven methods that MUST get results. Failure can mean death for you or your family. Police arrive when it’s all over, even if they were just down the street. Seconds may determine if you survive or not.

So, the big question is …

How do you win a confrontation whether it be by using verbal or physical tactics?

Understand when the talking is over and when to initiate immediate actions.

 Modern Combative Tactics are raw, aggressive techniques for dealing with interpersonal violence in an immediate, effective manner. The techniques are simple, efficient, easy to learn and retain under stress.

Course Outline:

  • Physical, unarmed self defense such as striking & grappling.  
  • Tactical soft skills: awareness, avoidance, de-escalation, disengagement & disruption skills.
  • Legal considerations to self defense and use of weapons.  Self defense may end in the courtroom - be informed on the judicious use of practiced skills; legally articulate & defend your decisions!
  • Manage fear and the physiological effects of critical incident stress.


“Self defense” is a wishy-washy, wait-your-turn, civilized response to violent predators. Reality is, violent offensive tactics are required to immediately end an attack.

Doing damage is a survival tool… self defense is not.

Sign up to our Modern Combative Tactics course and learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones.